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Thanks to our long-time readers for following along on this blog journey. We’ve recently launched a new EO blog where you’ll find original content on essential oils, ingredients, behind the scenes stuff at EO, and our popular DIYs.

Don’t worry, Brad’s rants and reflections will also be featured on this new blog. So you’ll still be able to get a weekly dose of Brad’s thoughts on the meaning of life, transparency in business, why phthalates are stupid, and more.

Come take a look!

-The EO Team

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Think Stupid

3,000 years ago humans communicated over long distances with smoke signals. Did the people of that time conceive that things like cell phones would ever exist? Not many, and those that did would have been called crazy. Or stupid.

How will we communicate in 3,000 years? You have to think crazy, you have to think stupid to get there.

When you’re brainstorming ideas, you have to be able to conceive of this kind of leap. From smoke signals to cell phones.

That’s where the good ideas come from.

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Have you heard that big business created a nanoparticle listening device?
It is about 1/8000 of the width of a human hair.
Is powered by the electrical impulses in your brain.
It downloads emotional data to your cell phone.

The story above is fiction.
But nanoparticles are real. They’re also known as microbeads. And not much is known about them.
They are in many soaps, shampoos, toothpastes and lotions.
Not ours.

-Posted by Brad Black, EO’s co-founder and co-CEO

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The Body Speaks

Apple with bite out of it

Today, many of us consume to excess.
Our ancient, nomadic brain that tells us to eat and drink all that we can in case there is a famine tomorrow.

We will never experience famine.
Our wealthy and developed nation is abundant with food.

For several years now, I have been intentional with the foods I eat – and don’t eat.
When I stray from this, my body tells me.

The body speaks in feeling. A growling stomach. A sense of being off balance. A headache.
It’s quiet, not always obvious. I have to pay attention to hear it.
I’m sure my body has always had a voice. I just didn’t hear what I was saying.

-Posted by Brad Black, EO’s co-founder and co-CEO

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What does EO stand for?

JasmineI walked by some jasmine last night. Immediately I looked for the vine.
It happens reflexively.
My body responds to the scent and begins searching for the plant.

When I’m in the forest I find myself cataloging the scents around me.
Pine, leaves, moss, everything.

Essential oils can transport a person to a lavender field or a fresh orange.
Because they are the real deal. They’re alive, vital.

Essential oils is what EO stands for.
The essences of plants, trees, flowers, resins and spices.

-Posted by Brad Black, EO’s co-founder and co-CEO

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