The building collapse in Bangladesh is tragic. There is no shortage of blame in the media – from all those in Bangladesh to the multiple businesses in between, to the consumer.

My 2 cents on the matter is that we are all to blame, including myself – and I’m no Walmart/Gap/Abercrombie Stench clothes shopper. We’re all one community and I’m aware of the poor conditions around the world (as we all are).

This tragedy reflects our lack of responsibility. It’s a common occurrence these days. We’re all busy working to make money and gain power with little regard to the impact of our actions. This ignorance isn’t an excuse, as our actions are our choice. And define who we are.

The funny thing is our actions are about the only thing we can control. So why not do our best for all our communities, for the world. Because we’re interdependent.

There’s no small or large, just one.

We can create the change we desire, every person and all together.  So take one for the team. Work and act responsibly.

Written by Brad Black, EO’s co-CEO

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    I’m on your team