Don’t Be Lonely

We are our own worst enemy – or at least I am mine. Loneliness is a tell tale sign.

Don't Be Lonely

What do you think about when you’re lonely, how do you feel? Whatever it is, it tends not to be a good feeling.

I’ve done a lot of work to try to rid myself of the sharp pains of loneliness. And while loneliness is still a regular occurrence, it tends not to last as long. I have worked on making myself aware of the loneliness feelings and to counteract them – to pull myself forward into a more positive space.

This new space is one of creativity, permission and fun. Awareness is the first step; doing something about it is second – kind of like feeling hungry, then eating – and we all know that there can be a lot of pleasure in that.

-By Brad Black, EO’s co-founder and co-CEO

Photo credit: Willow McDonough

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  • Wally

    Thanks for sharing Brad! I feel lonely too at times. Learning more about the difference of feeling alone and lonely is helping me … and stopping to spend more times doing fun things with loved ones helps me the most :-)